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About Vicky

Marketing has been a part of my life since the day I got in trouble for competing with the school tuck-shop (I was a mere 8 years old at the time). In order to supplement an income for my family, I sold chocolates at school. I soon realized that eating my mother’s profits didn’t help, so I added a mark-up on my product. I’d often have more chocolate than I could eat, so I’d share my bounty to earn goodwill with my fellow classmates – and so it started…

Ever since I can remember, I have always been selling something – from chocolates, to trending hair accessories – and at exam times I was sure to have extra stationery in stock.

When completing my matric, I studied hospitality management whilst working in retail and dabbling in photography with my digital point-and-shoot camera. I shot my first wedding in 2008, which is where my love for photography really blossomed – I realized just how much I loved making people feel good about themselves.

By the time I had finished my studies, I had put a decent photography portfolio together and had gained experience in retail and corporate sales. I decided a gap year on a cruise liner as a photographer was the next best thing! I worked as part of a team of 18 photographers on what was then the world’s biggest cruise liner – Independence of the Seas. A crash course in photography would be an understatement – we would easily photograph over 1000 shots on a daily basis. Apart from seeing the world, working in a very diverse environment and improving my photography and sales skills, I gained emotional intelligence that I would not have gained anywhere else.

I returned to SA in 2011 and started VDT Photography.  Two years later I started working as Schools Project Manager for The Waste Trade Company, at the same time I started studying Marketing Management part time at NMU.  A year later I was promoted to Marketing Manager.  My journey with The Waste Trade Company has been a blessing in ways I cannot begin to describe.  In the 6 years I worked as an employee I developed skills, matured and grew into the woman I am today.  My love for marketing is only exceeded by my love for marketing a good cause.

Why the name Kiekie ???

Kiekie is an Afrikaans slang term for “photo” – I would never be where I am today if I didn’t pick up a camera all those years ago. Photography has taught me to look at the world from many different perspectives, it has widened my network and has taught me many valuable life skills. If I wasn’t for photography, I also wouldn’t have met my Soulmate, Shaun. Another interesting aspect – K is the 11th letter of the alphabet – 11:11 has always been an Angelic confirmation that I am on the right path. The name came to me whilst I was driving to a family shoot, I couldn’t disregard it.

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