The planning starts…

For years I have dreamed of traveling back to Europe.  In fact, 2020 will mark the 10th year since I have set foot outside of South Africa.  I have been to Europe before, but this was whilst working on a cruise liner (Independence of The Seas, Royal Caribbean), so I didn’t have much time between shifts to really explore.

It took a couple of years for me to truly find what I love doing – branding.  I love love LOVE the process of developing a brand.  It gives me the opportunity to apply ALL my mad marketing skills (I’m not even going to pretend to be modest here as I am really passionate about what I do).  The strategic process of educating a client about branding, the creation of all the elements required to bring a brand to life and the delivery of the final product… most of all, when a client is super happy with the outcome!  *insert happy dance here*

After 16 years of work, 8 years of study and a lifetime of spiritual and emotional growth I am finally in a position to apply a unique combination of skills to be a Digital Nomad.  This pretty much means that I can go wherever I please as long as I have my laptop and a Wi-Fi connection (and a few other gadgets that are probably not super necessary, but I’m a nerd).

So here I am… finally in a position to do what I have always dreamed of doing.  Funny enough it only occurred to me that I could do this once my friend Angela (shout out to Hot Mess Consulting) decided to take off to Europe.  I joked about meeting up with her for a shoot… and suddenly it dawned on me that I was the only one standing in my way.  A month later I have booked my tickets and arranged pretty much everything!

It helps a lot that I have friends and family abroad whom I will be staying with (they all know that drinks are on them, and Europe has peanut butter so I’ll be fine), but I do intend to adventure into a hostel or two.  Technology (apps like Airbnb, Eurail, Couchsurfing, Flixbus, TripAdvisor and Direct Ferries) has made it really easy to impromptu travel, so I don’t intend to plan out an entire trip prior – that would be defeating the purpose.  I have even downloaded Busuu – a global language learning community app – where I am attempting to learn some French… Bonjour!

I decided to work with a Travel Agency as then I will have a contact point to assist me should anything go wrong.  I walked into Cruise About (they form part of Flight Centre) in Baywest and was helped by the friendliest Travel Specialist, Fiona Bezuidenhout.  Fiona and I have so much in common that I reckon we are friends now.  Yesterday I consulted with her, and today my flights have been booked – and she got me a REALLY good deal which included my local flights AND my travel insurance.  Now hubby also has a local shoulder to lean on should I get myself into any sort of trouble abroad!

Booking my flights was so overwhelming that I had an ice-cream and a 2 hour Sunday catnap right after… I seriously feel like I’m in a twilight zone I’m so excited!!!

Stay tuned for more adventures… I have a few local trips coming up in the next 2 months too!